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Becky ("You're a Virgin Who Can't Drive.") [userpic]
Challenge #3: Epiphany and an announcement
by Becky ("You're a Virgin Who Can't Drive.") (starcrossed)
at December 11th, 2005 (06:50 pm)
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Challenge #3 is Epiphany.

Romance on BtVS
All that Matters

ANGEL IS BACK...BUT WHO WANTS HIM? - After an empty night of passion with Darla (Julie Benz), Angel (David Boreanaz) surprisingly wakes up with his soul still intact and has an epiphany. His moment of clarity brings him back to the land of the living and while he tries to reunite with his crew, Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter), Wesley (Alexis Denisof) and Gunn (J. August Richards) aren't ready to forgive him, even when their very lives are at stake. Tim Minear wrote the episode directed by Thomas J. Wright.
source- http://www.chosentwo.com/angel

Rachel rideinthelimo and I have come to a decision. It's ultimatum time- we will run the episode challenge for THREE more weeks. If we get no responses by then the community will close. It's very frustrating/disappointing for us when no one enters. I have constructed this poll for you to tell us why you're not entering:

Why aren't you entering?

Not enough time/the challenge should be longer
I don't like the episodes you've chosen
The caps are not HQ enough
I'm just here to watch the community
Other (specify in comments)


Posted by: Becky ("You're a Virgin Who Can't Drive.") (starcrossed)
Posted at: December 13th, 2005 09:50 am (UTC)

woooot thank you! feel free to post them in the actual community (or I can when I do mid week reminder)

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